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"The Best Holiday Gifts For Her"
By Anahita Moussavian and Johannah Masters | 12/9/19 |

Captain Navy Charging Set

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Captain Navy Charging Set Description:

This Captain Navy Charging Set is the perfect gift for anyone looking to brighten their digital life just a little bit more. Protect your cables and headphones in style with this Captain Navy Charging Set. Our Captain Navy Charging Set is made of superior soft-touch silicone. The chord cover prevents snapping and fraying while the awesome cable covers make sure you never destroy your cable again. A handy cable strap rounds out the charging set. We’ve included an awesome sticker for your charging block and a headphone case. Brighten all that white with this Captain Navy Charging Set.

Captain Navy Charging Set Special Features:

• Silicone Cable Cover • 2 Cable Clips • Cable Tie • Sticker for Charging Block • Headphone Case • Does not include headphones, headphone cable, or charging block Lifetime Warranty: If something happens to your charging set, just ship whatever is lef. We will replace it with only one question, that you tell us what happened because these stories are usually pretty funny.